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Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

Mysterious things happen as a young widow transforms her great-aunt’s historic Victorian mansion into the new town library. As Anne Gibson seeks a new life for herself and her children and fulfill her aunt Edie’s final wishes, she discovers new insights into Edie’s fascinating past and God’s plan for her family’s future.

  • Shadows of the Past - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library - Book 2 -0

    Anne has stumbled upon an incredible discovery from Aunt Edie’s private historical book collection: an antique map of Pennsylvania with evidence that it could have been used by Lewis and Clark! Is the map legitimate, and if so, how did Aunt Edie manage to come across such a valuable artifact? Meanwhile, Anne’s son, Ben, has been acting odd as of late; he leaves home for extended periods of time, but always immediately comes home when Anne calls him. What is he hiding? Find out in Shadows of the Past, the exciting second book in the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library series! 

  • Nowhere to be Found - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library

    Anne Gibson is excited to transform her great-aunt Edie’s home into a beautiful library, but she has discovered something amazing! A hidden room is revealed behind an old quilt, which contains a picture of Aunt Edie in a wedding gown. However, Anne is rather certain that her relative was never hitched! Can Anne uncover the story behind her great aunt and figure out the role of the handsome man pictured next to her? Meanwhile, Anne reacquaints herself with her old friends while making new ones at the same time, but there is an individual who isn’t as excited as the others to see her again. Will past endings prevent new beginnings?

    Read the first chapter of Nowhere to Be Found, free! Click here.

  • Off the Shelf Book Cover

    When Anne learns of a new tax proposal that may be introduced, she is thrilled to hear that the new policy can open up more opportunities for her library. However, when children’s books are stolen from Anne’s library, it becomes apparent that someone doesn’t want the tax proposal to pass in the town council. Can Anne and her friends discover who is behind the mischief? Meanwhile, Ben starts spending more time with his new friend, Joey. But is there more to Joey than first meets the eye? Find out in Off the Shelf, another heartwarming tale from Blue Hill! 

  • Theft and Thanksgiving - Secrets of the Blue Hill Library - Book 4

    When elderly citizens in Blue Hill become the victims of identity theft, Anne can’t help but suspect that a mysterious woman—who has been asking Mildred Farley startlingly personal questions— may be behind the crime. Will her theory add up, or is there more to the woman in question than first meets the eye? Meanwhile, Anne has learned that her parents can’t visit for Thanksgiving. On top of that, her children’s friends cancel last-minute after being invited to her holiday dinner. Could this be Anne’s loneliest Thanksgiving ever? Is there always a silver lining to every debacle?

  • The Christmas Key Book Cover

    When Anne finds a mysterious key in Aunt Edie’s belongings, she discovers that it belongs to a cubby in the local church; inside the compartment is a beautiful sapphire ring! Is the ring Edie’s, and if so, why is the reverend acting suspiciously when Anne questions him about it? As she investigates, she realizes that there is a significant amount of her great-aunt’s history that is still shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, can Anne and her family save the church’s Christmas production when plans go awry? Read to find out in this stirring exploit from the beautiful town of Blue Hill!

  • Unlocking the Truth Book Cover

    A mysterious letter has arrived at the library, containing a counterfeit newspaper article which frames Anne and her friends for a crime that occurred the very night of their high school homecoming! As if the letter was not sufficiently worrying, the writer threatens to reveal information that could put Anne’s reputation—and job—at risk! Who is the blackmailer, and what does he or she want from Anne and her friends?  Simultaneously, Anne must care for her children, Ben and Liddie, who are suffering from the effects of poison ivy. Will compassion and reason trump deceit and threats?

  • Gone in a Flash Book Cover

    When Anne develops a roll of film found in her great-aunt Edie’s old camera, she is shocked to find a picture of her father’s cousin, Carl, at the bicentennial celebration for American independence in 1976. Carl was reportedly killed while fighting in the Vietnam War in 1970, so how is any of this possible? After going through more of Aunt Edie’s belongings, Anne decides to host an exhibition of her relative’s photography. Will Anne’s research put her closer to the truth behind Carl’s story, and what else will she learn about her family history?

  • All Sewn Up Book Cover

    Anne has found receipts for two-dozen fancy sewing machines purchased by her great-aunt Edie, and none of them are a match for the model Aunt Edie used in her house. What happened to them, and why would Anne’s late relative buy so many machines? Meanwhile, Liddie embarks on a mission to collect clothing for needy children in Blue Hill. Join Anne, her family, and the residents of Blue Hill on a heartwarming adventure of charity, mystery, and community!

  • If Walls Could Talk Book Cover

    While investigating the damage in the basement of the library after a storm, Anne and Alex discover a human skeleton buried with an arrowhead and Aunt Edie’s bow and arrow. Did Anne’s great-aunt play a role in the death of this mysterious figure? Meanwhile, Anne encourages Ben to participate in the local church’s father-son retreat, to Ben’s disquiet. Can she figure out a way to get Ben enthusiastic about the event with one of Aunt Edie’s beloved hobbies?

  • The Rightful Owner Book Cover

    When Anne and Wendy decide to host a used book sale to improve business at the library, they discover that someone has accidentally donated a first edition of a famous Edgar Allen Poe book! After Anne has the book appraised—with its value the equivalent of a small fortune—various members of the community begin approaching Anne claiming that the book belongs to them! Will the rightful owner ever be found? Meanwhile, Anne attempts to convince her son, Ben, to maintain an open mind about literature after he becomes obsessed with a particular series of children’s books. Simultaneously, she must also help Liddie, who appears to be taking a game between her friends too personally. Come to Blue Hill, where adventures are plentiful and every moment is memorable!

  • The Valentine Visitor Book Cover

    When Anne receives a baffling Valentine’s Day postcard addressed to her great- aunt Edie, she is puzzled to learn that it is inexplicably from an exotic location! To make matters even more interesting, the postcard was sent by an anonymous person! Can Anne figure out the person of interest while notifying him or her of Aunt Edie’s death before he or she expends the resources to travel all the way to Blue Hill? Meanwhile, everyone seems to be pushing Anne to go to the annual sweetheart dinner with Alex; the question is, can she risk their friendship over a potential romance that she isn’t prepared to have? Is this part of God’s plan for her?

  • Without a Trace Book Cover

    Once again, the town of Blue Hill plays host to yet another intriguing mystery! Lucas’s car has been found found crashed into a tree, and he is absent from the vehicle. When Anne hesitantly agrees to investigate Lucas’s disappearance, she soon discovers that everything is not quite as it seems. Could the writer’s absence be related to a series of break-ins in Blue Hill? Meanwhile, when Ben and Liddie’s grandparents visit, they encourage Anne to begin dating again—a possibility that Ben is unwilling to come to terms with. Can Anne find a way to show everyone that family is the most important aspect of her life while simultaneously looking into Lucas’s disappearance?

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