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Christian Magazines

Nothing says take time out for you like magazines from Guideposts; designed to help you strengthen your faith and grow closer to God.

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    Guideposts is the inspirational magazine that will move and inspire you with personal, heartwarming stories and faith-affirming articles that show anything is possible with hope, faith and prayer. No outside advertising.

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    Guideposts Magazine

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    This daily devotional magazine is filled with reflections and prayers that will help restore your sense of calm and prepare your heart for prayer.

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    60 Days of Prayer Magazine

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    Bringing You Stories of Angels

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    Angels on Earth Magazine

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    Daily Devotions For Animal Lovers

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Christian Magazines

Most magazines address the always-changing worlds of politics, celebrities, fashion, and sports. Guideposts’ Christian magazines focus on the ever-lasting values of faith, hope and prayer. Each of our Christian magazines are published six times a year and deliver stories you can share with friends and family.

Guideposts Magazine

This Christian magazine features personal, heartwarming stories and faith-affirming articles that show anything is possible with hope, faith and prayer. Recent issues include inspiring stories about Kristin Chenoweth and Harry Connick, Jr. 

All God’s Creatures Magazine

Animals are one of God’s miracles, a special gift to humans. This Christian magazine features true stories about how animals help teach us patience and forgiveness. Each issue also includes beautiful photographs and daily scripture verses.

60 Days of Prayer Magazine

This magazine is filled with daily devotions and prayers that will help give you peace and joy and strengthen your faith. 

Mornings with Jesus Magazine

This Christian magazine will help you experience a closer relationship with Jesus. It will help you face whatever challenges you’re facing and learn to incorporate his kindness, compassion, and wisdom into your life. 

Angels on Earth Magazine

This Christian magazine is filled with true, heartwarming stories of people exhibiting selflessness and providing much-needed assistance. These inspiring tales prove there are indeed angels among us.

Mysterious Ways Magazine

Miraculous occurrences, people showing up at just the right moment – these things remind us that the “extra”-ordinary is always present in our lives. Each issue presents several of these truly remarkable stories. Please note, we are no longer accepting new subscriptions to Mysterious Ways Magazine. Instead, you might be interested in shopping our Angels & Miracles collection.

Strength & Grace Magazine

The pandemic helped teach us the importance of front-line health care workers and other caregivers. This magazine is dedicated to them and is filled with prayers and inspirational stories to help them face the challenges of their jobs.

About Us is part of Guideposts, a non-profit organization founded in 1945. The online shop is committed to providing customers with a full selection of faith-based products to inspire, enlighten, and delight. The goal is to help people connect their faith-based values to their daily life. aims to provide products to help you achieve your maximum full personal and spiritual potential.

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