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Angels & Miracles

  • 11% off God's Constant Presence Book 1: Strengthened by His Touch-0

    If you’ve ever wondered if God is by your side, ready to guide and protect you, then look no further than the amazing collection of true stories of everyday miracles.  40 never-published-before true stories! 

    Plus 4 FREE GIFTS – Get 3 FREE Booklets and a FREE tote with any hardover or series purchase. 

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    $17.95 - $17.95
  • 11% off God's Constant Presence Book 2: Signs and Wonders-0

    Discover God’s presence in your life through miraculous stories. Signs & Wonders reveals His guidance, protection, and transformative power. Order Today!

    $17.95 - $17.95
  • Angels On Earth Magazine-0

    Bringing You Stories of Angels

    Special Offer – save almost 23%!

  • The Joy of Miracles-0

    Guideposts Exclusive Miracle Edition – Not Available in Retail Stores!

    Experience the joy of real-life miracles, amazing rescues and reassuring signs from beyond that remind us that God is always with us.  Enjoy unforgettable stories, inspiring devotionals, healing prayers and beautiful art in this big, bold, colorful edition.

  • You’ll be inspired by 103 uplifting true stories of God in action through answered prayers that will deepen your faith and stir your soul.

    Buy One, Get One FREE Offer! Purchase God Encounters, and get A Cup of Comfort Book of Prayer ($16.99 value) for FREE!

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  • Thrill to more true stories of angel encounters, messages from heaven and modern-day miracles in this inspiring sequel.

    Buy One, Get One FREE Offer! Purchase It’s Still a God Thing, and get Life-Changing Miracles ($13.99 value) for FREE!

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  • Angels All Around Us-0

    True stories of encounters with God’s heavenly messengers.  Read never-before-published inspiring stories from people just like you whose lives were changed by extraordinary encounters with angels.

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    Angels All Around Us

  • A Procession of Angels Cover

    A Procession of Angels

  • Dreams of Angels Cover

    Every story in this stirring collection retells real-life angelic encounters, and will help deepen your knowledge of who angels are, showing the mysterious ways that God is working in our lives as His angels move all around us. 

  • The Best Angel Stories 2016 Cover

    An exceptional annual volume brimming with amazing true stories of angel encounters! Created by the editors of Angels on Earth magazine, each thrilling story will surprise and inspire you! This all-new collection features over eighty stand-out stories, showing how God and His angels watch over us. Discover that each angel is like no other, as unique as the person who needs protection. But no matter what form the angels take, their message is always the same: You are loved!

  • A Treasury of Miracles - Karen Kingsbury

    One of America’s favorite writers, Karen Kingsbury, shares with you 40 of her favorite true miracle stories in which people experience God’s intervention and loving touch in their lives in her book, A Treasury of Miracles, True Stories of God’s Presence Today. Each tale will fill you with lasting joy and wrap you in the assurance of knowing God is with you.

     As a FREE gift to all that order the Hardcover edition, Guideposts will include 4 beautiful full-color Note Cards with your order.

    Preview Treasury of Miracles, free! Click here

  • Angels Book Set

    The emergency room is often a place of prayer and miraculous rescues. No one knows that better than ER physician Dr. Robert Lesslie who shares a collection of mystifying and inspiring stories in Angels to the Rescue.
    Plus, when you order Angels to the Rescue, you’ll receive a FREE copy of Andrea Jo Rodgers’ Angels on the Scene – a $15.99 value! Andrea, a longtime EMT, shares dozens of real life stories of courage in the face of fear and witnessing God’s quiet intervention.

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