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We Hear the Christmas Angels eBook


We Hear the Christmas Angels eBook


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We Hear the Christmas Angels
brings you people who, in time of need find an angel on their doorstep. This unique book will touch your heart with remarkable true stories of men, women and children who find faith and renewed hope through messages of God’s astonishing love. Each story is a gift that leaves you knowing that God’s hand is directing the outcome.

Angels delivered God’s message of love as they watched over the Christ Child in the stable on the first Christmas long ago. Collected in the pages of this volume are sixty true accounts of people who have been touched by Christmas miracles—everyday people who have been brought tidings of comfort, protection and joy by angels.

You will meet a young couple who hears the comforting strains of a caroler outside their door, but find no footprints in the snow when they look outside. You’ll read of a mysterious New York City bus driver who drives a young woman straight to her sister’s home in Queens. And you’ll learn of a young girl who is overwhelmed by the generosity of Santa when he arrives at her family’s home on Christmas day with a cupboard full of food.

Each of these stories will remind you of the ultimate message of Christmas: The Lord has come. His name is Emmanuel—
God Is With Us

About the Author

Evelyn Bence is a former editor of religion at Doubleday and former manageing editor of Today’s Christian Woman magazine. She is the author of several books, including Spiritual Moments with the Great Hymns, Prayers for Girlfriends and Sisters and Me, and the award-winning novel Mary’s Journal.

Evelyn has written for the Washington Post, Shriatianity Today, and Discipleship Journal; and her poetry has appeared in numerous publications, including Theology Today and Christian Century magazines. She lives in Arlingon, Virginia.

Book Details
Author:Evelyn Bence
Book Format: eBook Edition
Page Count: 255 pages

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