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Unlocking the Truth – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 3


A mysterious letter has arrived at the library, containing a counterfeit newspaper article which frames Anne and her friends for a crime that occurred the very night of their high school homecoming! As if the letter was not sufficiently worrying, the writer threatens to reveal information that could put Anne’s reputation—and job—at risk! Who is the blackmailer, and what does he or she want from Anne and her friends?  Simultaneously, Anne must care for her children, Ben and Liddie, who are suffering from the effects of poison ivy. Will compassion and reason trump deceit and threats?


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About Unlocking the Truth
When an unmarked envelope arrives at the library containing a mock-up of a newspaper article, Anne is shocked to learn that she and several of her old high school friends are implicated in a crime that took place the night of their school’s homecoming. Worse, the writer threatens to expose secrets that would ruin the classmates’ reputations and possibly cost them their jobs. Who wrote this tale of hijinks, and what does the instigator want from Anne and her former classmates?

Meanwhile, Ben and Liddie are covered in a miserable poison ivy rash, and Anne must balance caring for her children and running a library with racing to unlock the truth behind the cryptic news story before it’s too late.

About Secrets of the Blue Hill Library
Welcome to Blue Hill, Pennsylvania, a place of rolling hills and charming Victorian homes. A place where neighbors greet neighbors with a welcoming wave and strangers soon become friends. Here, a gorgeous old house bequeathed by a beloved great-aunt becomes both a library and a home to young widow Anne Gibson and her two lively children. Here, where history and mystery, past and present come together, Anne must use her clever mind and flair for research to uncover the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library,

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