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Agree to Disagree – Secrets of the Blue Hill Library – Book 21


When a big-box discount store demonstrates an interest in building a location in Blue Hill, landowners compete fiercely with one another to potentially make the most profit. However, land surveys are becoming sabotaged and even the land itself is being damaged! Is this just a consequence of the competition between landowners, or does someone dislike the idea of a corporation coming into the cozy town of Blue Hill? Meanwhile, when Wendy leads a protest against the store coming into town, Anne refuses to support her because the store could possibly benefit poorer families in the area. Will Anne and Wendy be able to come to an understanding, or will their relationship be compromised in an irreparable way?


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About Agree to Disagree

Blue Hill is in an uproar! A representative from Beau-Mart, a big-box discount store, is in the area, looking for a place to build their next store site. Competition is fierce among landowners looking to make a huge profit, but things turn dangerous when someone starts sabotaging the land surveys. Is it one of the landowners trying to edge out the competition? Or is it a contingent of Blue Hill residents who believe a Beau-Mart will ruin local businesses and destroy Blue Hill’s village charm? When fire breaks out on the property of Anne’s friend, Mildred, just as the Beau-Mart representative arrives to survey it, Anne decides to investigate. Can she uncover the saboteur before someone gets hurt?

Meanwhile, even the law-abiding friends and neighbors of Blue Hill are passionately divided on the new Beau-Mart. Wendy Pyle leads a protest and draws up a petition against the store, but when Anne refuses to sign it, thinking of how the discount store could help low-income families, Wendy feels betrayed and refuses to speak to her. Can their friendship survive this rift?

About the Series
Welcome to Blue Hill, Pennsylvania, a place of rolling hills and charming Victorian homes. A place where neighbors greet neighbors with a welcoming wave and strangers soon become friends. Here, a gorgeous old house bequeathed by a beloved great-aunt becomes both a library and a home to young widow Anne Gibson and her two lively children. Here, where history and mystery, past and present come together, Anne must use her clever mind and flair for research to uncover the Secrets of the Blue Hill Library.

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