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Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries

  • 11% off Blessings in Disguise - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Series - Book 1-0

    Sit back and enjoy a vacation for your soul with Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries. This uplifting, fascinating, and inspiring series whisks you away to the scenic hillside of Ohio’s Amish country and draws you into the excitement as Cheryl and her Amish friend, Naomi, work together to solve highly intriguing mysteries.

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    $17.95 - $17.95
  • A Tempting Taste of Mystery

    When Sugarcreek hosts a pie-baking contest fundraiser, Cheryl is invited to be a judge. However, as contestants begin dropping out and a taster suffers from food poisoning, people begin to point the blame toward Naomi! Will Cheryl be able to clear Naomi’s name from the crime and simultaneously save her future with Levi?

    Learn more about the series here!

  • 11% off A Tempting Taste of Mystery

    When Sugarcreek hosts a pie-baking contest fundraiser, Cheryl is invited to be a judge. However, as contestants begin dropping out and a taster suffers from food poisoning, people begin to point the blame toward Naomi! Will Cheryl be able to clear Naomi’s name from the crime and simultaneously save her future with Levi?

    Learn more about the series here!

    $7.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off To Have and to Hold - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Book 24

    While Cheryl is preparing for her wedding with Levi, package deliveries all over town have been disappearing! When a package for Cheryl containing her family heirloom wedding ring never arrives, she begins to wonder whether or not her marriage is meant to be after all. Will she be able to crack this profound mystery, or is this the case that finally breaks her?

    $7.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off In the Fullness of Time - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Book 25

    Cheryl and Levi are adjusting to their life together as newlyweds, as well as figuring out the nuances of a relationship between an Englisher and an Amish farmer. Despite discovering the new challenges and insights brought about by married life, Cheryl has not lost her knack for solving mysteries. Join her and her friends from Sugarcreek on their adventures as they eagerly go about living their new lives together!

    $7.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Home Fires Burning Book Cover

    Cheryl and Levi Miller are settling into married life and enjoying their daughter Rebecca’s first year. But when a mysterious fire destroys Seth and Naomi’s barn, Cheryl sets out to find the culprit. Soon, more blazes confirm Cheryl’s suspicion— someone is intentionally setting fires in Sugarcreek. Cheryl’s efforts to find the perpetrator uncover more questions than answers. Her list of suspects is growing rather shrinking. Between raising an infant daughter, managing a busy household, and juggling her work at the Swiss Miss, she really doesn’t have time to devote to the business of sleuthing. But, when the home she shares with Levi is threatened, and her daughter’s very life is at risk, it’s a race against time to stop the arsonist before disaster strikes again.

    $7.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Secrets Plain and Simple - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Book 27

    Life has never been fuller for Cheryl Miller. Since baby Rebecca joined the family, it seems there are fewer hours in a day and more things to do than ever before. But when Cheryl’s youngest sister-in-law, Esther, is caught with drugs, Cheryl knows she must make the time to help. Esther insists the drugs aren’t hers, but refuses to provide further information. Esther’s friend Henry thinks Englisher Zachary Waller is to blame.

    Could Henry simply be wrestling with a bad case of jealousy, since he has always had strong feelings for Esther, and Esther’s attraction to Zachary is plain to see? With strange incidents mounting, Cheryl races to get to the bottom of the sudden influx of drugs in their small community before Esther finds herself in real trouble. But can she do it in time?

    $7.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Quilt by Association - Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries - Book 28

    Anton Birken has returned to Sugarcreek to attend his mother’s funeral. He was shunned a decade ago after the suspicious disappearance of a teenage Amish girl he liked. While the girl’s parents, and the community, suspected Anton of foul play, the police lacked evidence to arrest him. When Levi allows Anton to stay in their dawdy haus, Cheryl is more than a little worried— especially when another teen girl vanishes after Anton’s arrival. Has the girl simply run away, or has something more sinister transpired? 

    Meanwhile, Cheryl entertains Sharon Vogel, a gifted quilter from
    Lancaster County whose quilts Cheryl wants to sell at the Swiss Miss. However, when local stores experience a wave of peculiar thefts—including one of Sharon’s valuable quilts—Cheryl finds herself embroiled in two mysteries instead of one. Or are they somehow related?

    $7.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Homespun Suspicions

    “Make an effort.” These three seemingly innocuous words send Cheryl Miller on her most challenging assignment yet. When Aunt Mitzi handpicks a new tenant for her cottage, she asks Cheryl to “make an effort” to befriend her. But Jayla Nuttall makes it plain she doesn’t welcome any overtures of friendship. Jayla is obviously determined to alienate Cheryl—and everyone else in Sugarcreek. But Cheryl, spurred on by Mitzi’s encouraging letters, sets out to find the culprit behind the series of events that seem intended to terrorize Aunt Mitzi’s tenant. Who is targeting Jayla with these vicious pranks? Or is she herself causing the damage?

    Meanwhile, when the Sugarcreek Nursing Home opens a brand new assisted living wing, the activities coordinator invites Naomi to give classes in Amish cooking. Will the accolades cause Naomi to be vain, and pull her away from serving her family on their own farm just when they need her most?

    $7.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Till We Meet Again

    When their church hosts a children’s choir from Aunt Mitzi’s mission in Papua New Guinea, Cheryl and Levi invite Jennifer Lewis, a young single woman and chaperone for the group, to stay in their dawdy haus. An hour before they need to leave to meet the group for their first rehearsal, they realize the woman has vanished. Has Jennifer left voluntarily—or is something more sinister afoot? As Cheryl sets out to learn what happened to their guest, a cryptic note left behind in the guest bedroom is her only clue.

    Meanwhile, with toddler Rebecca growing more charming and delightful every day, Cheryl and Levi begin to wonder: is it time to open their hearts and home to another child?

    $7.99 - $17.95
  • 11% off Where Hope Dwells Book Cover

    The Amish of Sugarcreek are experiencing a baby boom and the community couldn’t be happier to welcome the newborns into the world! However, when a family reports that one of their newborn twins is missing, questions are raised. Who could have done such a thing, and are the children of Sugarcreek truly safe? Find out in this page-turning adventure that demonstrates the power of faith, and a little clever sleuthing, in the time of a crisis!

    $17.95 - $17.95
  • 11% off The Buggy Before the Horse Book Cover

    As Thanksgiving approaches, many businesses along Sugarcreek’s Main Street have reported incidents of theft! With the safety of her gift shop’s inventory at stake, Cheryl becomes motivated to get to the bottom of these crimes. Her investigation leads to many potential suspects, including an individual who has been secretly living out of Naomi and Seth Miller’s winter buggy! Will Cheryl find the culprit before the residents of Sugarcreek suffer more serious economic casualties? Read on in this tale of empathy and compassion in the cozy community of Sugarcreek!

    $17.95 - $17.95

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