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Devotional Magazines

Devotional Magazines

Devotional magazines contain daily Scriptures, spiritual and uplifting content. You can slip devotional magazines in your briefcase, backpack, or in the back of a notebook without weighing it down. Open the pages when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office, on a break at work, or want to read something uplifting to your children.

ShopGuideposts is dedicated to creating devotional products that work for real people in our fast-paced world. From busy parents and executives to students and retirees, everyone will find something of value in every devotional magazine they open.

Selecting the Best Devotional Magazines

When selecting devotional magazines, think about what you want to learn or accomplish as you read the content. If animals and nature lift your spirits, then All God’s Creatures Magazine may help keep your thinking positive every day. If you’re looking for one magazine that will feed you spiritual content for a longer term, look to the 60 Days of Prayer devotional magazine for three months of devotional content.

If you’re new to daily devotionals and aren’t sure what you will enjoy or what will fit into your lifestyle, spend some time browsing the free devotionals and powerful stories offered here at ShopGuideposts. When you’re ready to hold a devotional magazine or book in your hands, our collection of printed devotional magazines will be here waiting.

Devotional Magazines Make Thoughtful Gifts

If you value the time you spend with ShopGuideposts devotional magazines, think about passing the spiritual nourishment on to someone else. Magazines are often surprising gifts that recipients don’t know they need until the gift is received. If you want to give someone special a gift from the heart that they don’t always own, a devotional magazine or devotional book will touch their heart and soul.

Of course, make sure to gift yourself a devotional magazine or two. They make it easy to focus your eyes and heart on what really matters.

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