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Pray the Psalms: Psalm 37

Rick shares the power behind psalm 37

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Hi, it’s Rick Hamlin. This is psalm 37: “Fret not,” fret not, it urges us right from the beginning, fret not. Well, don’t we all spend a lot of time fretting. You worry about money, health, food, family, there’s so much, so much that piles into my head and all of our heads, we’re constantly fretting. This is a long psalm and there’s a lot going on but there is that real classic line there in the middle: blessd are the meek, they shall inherit the earth, they shall inherit the earth. Now, the meek are not those people who kind of scowl or they’re humble, and they’re not quite sure of themselves, the meek are those who trust God.  Blessd are the meek, so the meek inherit the earth by fretting not. I love this thought, fret not, just tell yourself, freet not. Read the psalm and remind yourself: fret not.

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