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Dave Coulier: His Sources of Inspiration

The star of Full House and Fuller House shares how his sobriety helped him through a year of loss and grief and why he views dogs as angelic friends.

– Hi Guideposts, I’m Dave Coulier, here on the shores of where I grew up on Lake St. Clair here in Michigan. Well, you might know me from Full House or Fuller House and I have to tell you about a new series that I’m doing called Live and Local and it’s going to be streaming on Pure Flix and it’s faith-based network and this show is a heck of a lot of fun and it’s a real departure for me. I get to play kind of a curmudgeony radio host on a small-market radio station that’s no. 1, but I am not going to change very much. I’m really excited about this show. We all go through tough times and this past year has certainly been my time to go through those difficult moments in life. I lost my younger brother, Dan, who took his own life tragically and then I lost my father this same year and then I lost a brother, Bob Saget, who a lot of you know as Danny Tanner from “Full House.” Going through those tough times really kind of held up a mirror to my own life and that’s when I found sobriety. I was actually very happy that it was so emotionally raw and if I hadn’t found my sobriety, I wouldn’t have been able to experience those moments on the same level that I did. I know that sounds strange, but I realized throughout my life that I was missing a lot of those moments and for the first time in my life that extreme pain was right here at the top, it wasn’t buried below several levels of alcohol abuse. And so for that, I am forever grateful. You know I always heard through scriptures and Bible verses that there are angels on earth and in the heavens and I really think dogs are angels here on earth because they love you unconditionally. And that to me is pretty much a little miracle. A dog can reshape your whole day. You walk in that door and man, that dog’s tail is wagging and they just can’t wait to give you tons of love and give you a kiss. I know it’s a really simple thing, but I just love dogs. We never know when we’re going to find inspiration or where we’re going to find it and if my story can inspire you to maybe make a change in your own life, even one person, then I feel really good about that. It’s never too late to make a change in your life. So good luck to you.

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