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Everyday Angels: God’s Light

How would they all escape danger during the earthquake?

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Hi. I’m Colleen Hughes, editor in chief of “Angels on Earth,” with a true story of an everyday angel from Merrill C. Baum, Lebec, California. Angels come to us every day as a neighbor, an unexpected rescuer, a kind stranger, or a loyal pet. Listen now to a story of just such an everyday angel. 

Merrill was thrilled when her friends Frances and Carolyn invited her to recuperate at their house in California after an accident. But then, in the dead of night, she was jolted awake by a loud groaning. It was an earthquake. She bumped into overturned furniture. Broken glass was everywhere. And there was still a long stairway to negotiate before she could escape. 

How will I ever be able to make it out in the dark? she wondered. Merrill followed a glowing light at the top of the stairs. And she finally stumbled outside to safety. She saw her friends standing there with no moonlight shining through the windows, no power in the house, or a flashlight, without even a candle. How had all three of them found their way down those nearly impassable stairs? 

I was led by the light, said Frances. Carolyn nodded. Yes, she said, her eyes wide with wonder– the light. Houses can be restored. But only the Lord with the light of His lamp could have saved those girls. 


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