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Pray the Psalms: Psalm 125

Watch as Rick Hamlin takes you through Psalm 125.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, it’s Rick Hamlin. This is Psalm 125. So good, oh Lord, unto those that be good. Do good, oh Lord, unto those that be good. You know, I think sometimes from the outside, being good looks easier than it perhaps is. My brother in law is one of the best people I know. He is truly a good person. He’s funny, he’s a bit outrageous, he’s very kind, he’s got a very wry wit. But he’s good. 

And every year he takes a group of students from his church– kids, teenagers– down to Mexico to do a work project. He’s done it every year. And I was there in church one year, and the minister was announcing that this project was coming up, the mission project that Larry, my brother-in-law, would be leading. 

And I thought, gosh, Larry is so good. He really must enjoy that. And I said, gosh, you must enjoy that. You’ve been doing it year after year. He said you know, it’s work every year. He’s good. But it takes work, takes trying again. It takes an effort to be kind, to be thoughtful. 

So we ask God to do good to those that are good. And we like to think we are good. But it’s some work from us to be good. And I think probably God matches that work whenever we do it. We reach towards him when we’re good, and he reaches right back to us. You get that good feeling when you do good. And God reaches us, too, those of us who are good. That’s Psalm 125. 


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