Body and Soul: Integrating Tai Chi with Faith

Certified Tai Chi instructor Mikki Davis shares how her tai chi relates to and complements her Christian faith. Read Mikki’s story!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Nikki Davis. I’m a Tai chi instructor at First Baptist Church of Moore in Oklahoma. I was introduced to Tai chi– well, I’ve heard about it off and on throughout my life and were, kind of, seeing people in the park in China doing it. But I didn’t really know what it was until I met my late husband. And he was in– into Tai chi, and had been practicing it for several years. And when he introduced me to it, I was kind of like, OK, what’s this? I went with him to my first Tai chi class. I was really nervous and intimidated about it. Got exposed to it and started asking questions, I learned that Tai chi is more for physical fitness. 

Coming from an Eastern philosophy, people have often asked me, how do you incorporate that into your faith? I think it begins in your heart. It begins with your belief in Jesus Christ. It’s that intimate, personal relationship I have with Jesus that gives me his spirit within me to guide and direct me. Through Tai chi, I not only can help myself physically; I can also worship and praise my Savior and Lord. And Tai chi has breathing in it– when God breathed into man the breath of life, in the Chinese Bible the phrase, “breath of life” is chi. So it’s God breathed into man the chi. So chi, for me, is God’s breath. Breathe in God’s love, joy, peace. Breathe out your cares, worries, stress. Breathe in, fill yourself with God’s grace. Exhale and breathe out God’s praise. 


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