Comedian Jim Breuer on Being His Dad’s Caregiver

Stand-up comedian Jim Breuer talks about the healing effect humor had when he was caring for his dad during his final days. 

Hello, Guideposts. I’m Jim Breuer. Comedian, author, actor, former SNL alum, son, father, husband, and a good friend. 


When I made that documentary with my dad– it’s called “More Than Me” because his whole life, he just said, “I want you to have more than me.” Our family, my father, my mother, laughter was always a tremendous healer, better than medicine at times. Even down to my dad’s last days, we would turn on all his favorite comedies. And there’s nothing better than just laughing. 

I had hospice care in my house with my dad, so I get to do that whole thing and wait to the end. Even whether he understood us or not, we would laugh. Like, “Dad, I’m going to go the bathroom. You got another 15 minutes in you, right? You can hang on in there. I don’t know if you can hear me, but you can’t go anywhere for another 10 minutes.” My daughter and I would go “Come on, grandpa. We’re going to play I spy. I spy a light. Do you see it? Can you see the light yet? Just kidding, grandpa.” You know, (LAUGHING) there was– yeah, it was pretty awesome. 

I wish everyone had that opportunity. So many people don’t have that opportunity. Some people fear that opportunity. Some people feel they’re not strong enough to take that on. To be able to lift his spirits, play his music. There was days where he didn’t want to get out of bed. Elderly reach that point. So it was a little hurtful to see him like that. But I would always dig harder. 

I learned so much from taking care of my dad. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I really wouldn’t.

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