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Singer Kitty Snyder Shares Her Music with Shelter Animals

Listen as Kitty Snyder brings comfort and companionship to dogs and cats in an animal shelter through her music.

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[SINGING] Oh, this song will close the door into this arduous chapter 
Though I’m filled with sorrow birds that fly on up into the rafters. 
And my head’s still in the hospital with humming and IVs,
And I am not sure who I am and I don’t know who I see anymore. 

Oh, oh, oh. 

I return to paper now and skim the little lines. 
Streets that light the pavement now, the quick and crooked signs.
And then I close my eyes to block out all the ginko screaming trees
And remembering your old house, with your garden memories of verdant lies. 

Oh, oh, all the same, oh. 

So I say all this to finalize the chapter of my song
Where I go from cityscapes to moons to find where I belong.
Like a fog on starry lakes or Astoria or home or a sunlight on the cold day.
A little nap when I’m alone, when I’m alone. 

Oh, it’s all the same, all the same. Oh, it’s all the same. Oh, oh, it’s all the same.

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