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Her Camel Companions

Joanna McMurry was caught off-guard when her husband surprised her with a pair of camels to add to their farm. What would they do with them?

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When Joanna McMurry’s husband surprised her with two camels, Sybil and Nadia, to add to their farm, she was shocked.

What would they do with camels?

She hand-fed them at three months old.

She stayed close to them so they would get used to her.

They became her babies.

When they grew, Nadis gave birth to a calf, Amara. Sybil had Omar and then became pregnant with her second calf last fall.

Here, Sylbil and Omar greet each other at a health care facility where they were both being treated separately.

Joanna: “It’s almost like they’re saying, ‘Oh, you’re here, too?'”

Joanna has learned a lot from her camels.

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