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Edward Grinnan and Gracie Visit ‘Good Morning America’

Join Edward Grinnan and his dog, Gracie, as they visit Good Morning America for a chat with Robin Roberts about Edward’s book, Always By My Side!

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OK, let’s go! Come on. The car should be waiting for us to take us up to “Good Morning America,” Gracie. You ready? Good girl! Come on. Can you get in the car? Go on up. You’re gonna be a really big star. 

Edward Grinnan and Gracie. 

Now, Gracie, I don’t want you to drool on camera. 


Oh, no, she sees another dog. I told you you were gong to have fun here. 



And, Matt, our producer, will be in in just a second. 

Terrific. Thank you. Hi. 


Aw, good girl. It’s gonna be a few minutes, and then Robin’s gonna talk to you. Now, keep your answers short, OK? Don’t ramble. 

Don’t be nervous. 

And don’t be nervous. 


My family longtime admirers of Guideposts– I’m appreciative. I’ve got the cover on my desk. 


I framed it. 

The one with your mother? 




You drove us down to New Orleans, I think. 

Mm-hm. Where does the time go, you two? 

I know. 

Where does it go? 


I got [INAUDIBLE], even now. 

Do you need tissue? 

Even more so than [INAUDIBLE]. This is what I– I needed calm in my life right now. Because KJ, being a Jack Russel– 


It’s always special when somebody has seen my hometown, the Pass. 


My sister has a little store there now called Robin’s Nest in the Pass 

Oh, really? 

And it’s all about celebrating the creative spirit in all of us. 

Ah. That’s terrific. I’ll have to go back someday. 

Please do. 

I will. I will. 

And bring Gracie with you. 


This has been great. Thank you very much. 

Thank you. Always. Thank you. Thank you. 

OK, Robin. 

You’re a good man. 

Nice to see you. 

A pleasure. 

Appreciate it very much. 

Now you gotta get your real [INAUDIBLE]. 


Thank you. Glad y’all are doing this. Thank you. Thank you. 

Take care. 


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