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Father’s Day Tribute: Dad’s Home Video

How Associate Editor Adam Hunter’s dad captured a very inspiring moment on film.

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[THEME MUSIC] Hello, my name is Adam Hunter. And I’m associate editor at “Guideposts” magazine. My dad was the number one sports fan. And he always encouraged me in everything that I did. I was really proud when I finally got the chance to start a football game for my high school. 

And he came out and came out with a video camera to tape everything. I had my best game ever. I’m charged in a line, made a bunch of tackles– even sacked the quarterback once. My dad– and, you know– sidelined and filming it the entire time. And then we got back to the house. 

And I’m all excited to watch this video. I told my sister about it, told my friends. I’m like, yeah, you have to watch, like, all my tackles. I was awesome in this game. We turn on the video. And every time, you know, you see me lined up at the line ready to go in. 

And then the play starts. And the camera goes up and down from the ground, films the sky, films all over. And, of course, my dad was very embarrassed. But, you know, as the camera’s waving around, I hear him cheering, you go, Adam, go Adam. 

And, you know, I realized that I didn’t get any of my tackles on film. But I did get my dad’s enthusiasm and my dad’s love for me, and every time that he cheered for one of my good plays. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. And I look forward to you cheering me on at many things to come. 



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