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MLB All-Star Andrew McCutchen on Faith and Baseball

Andrew McCutchen, All-Star center-fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates, shares the role that God plays in his life, on the field and off.

Hi, “Guideposts.” I’m Andrew McCutchen, and I played for the Pittsburgh Pirates. 


Yeah, it was a Saturday– Saturday night. We were playing the Cardinals, and we went 14 innings. And it was like after midnight. I ended up hitting a walk-off homer. 

And someone asked me, how am I going to be able to get, you know, some rest after that crazy game? And I was just kind of like, well, man, I don’t know. I’ll just be staring at the ceiling. But I’ll be thinking, like, I got church the next day. I’ve got to get ready for church. 

And I don’t know, man. That’s basically what I base my life off of is God. My mind’s always there, regardless of situations of gains, wins or loss. 

God’s the center of my life. So that’s what I’m thinking about. And through all that– those situations– that’s what I’m basing everything off of. 


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