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Katie Brown’s Thanksgiving Cornbread Loaves

The lifestyle expert and author shares a quick and easy way to transform cornbread made from a mix into an appealing addition to your holiday table.

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Hi, my name is Katie Brown, and I am what they call a lifestyler. So today I want to share with you one of my favorite Thanksgiving shortcuts of one of my favorite Thanksgiving treats. I’m going to show you how to dress up a boxed corn muffin mix. It’s perfect for a Thanksgiving feast fit for a queen. It’s a simple and easy way to dress up a boxed cornbread mix. All you’ve to do is get your favorite cornbread mix. Right? That’s easy. Follow the directions on the box. And then you want to make it your own. You want to keep it moist. You want to have a lot of flavor. So I’ve experimented with a bunch of different things, and I’ve found the best thing to do is after you’ve mixed it up according to the box, put in a quarter cup of honey and a quarter cup of sour cream. The sour cream is going to make it moist and not dry like some corn bread can be, and the honey is going to give it a little bit more of a sweetness. And you can switch the honey out for maple syrup, but I like honey better. Mix that all together, and my cornbread mix comes with corn already added in. If it doesn’t, it’s not a bad idea at this point in time to mix in a half a cup to a cup of corn kernels, either frozen or fresh. Mix it all together. And then you can either do this in a pan and make corn muffins or corn muffin squares, or you can do a muffin tin or you could do various molds. I think it’s fun to kind of make little tiny loaves. and I’m going to set a loaf, a little cornbread loaf, at each place setting. So when my guests come in, they’re going to see this loaf. And to make it even more special, I’m going to put the loaf in a… well, I guess it’s like a french fry container that I got at a restaurant supply store or a hot dog container. It’s a recycled one. They’re very cool. I’m kind of that junkie who always goes to restaurant supply stores, or if I’m at any kind of store that might have something kind of different to serve food in, I tend to buy it. So I think this is a really fun way and a really fun kind of vessel to tie up and serve at your Thanksgiving table as part of your tablescape, if you will. All you’ve got to do to dress it up is tie a bow around it or tie a knot around it, and put it right in the center of your plate. I love this. I think anybody who sits down at my Thanksgiving table might just want to give thanks for this little corn muffin. And I am certainly giving thanks because it’s a quick and easy shortcut that still has a lot of personality to it and is so classic and fills out any Thanksgiving meal. Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours.  

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