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Monica & David: A Love Story

Reel Inspiration takes a look at a inspiring film about two people with Down syndrome who found true love.

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Hey, you got some time for a little “Reel Inspiration?” Well, I’m Jessica Bloustein and I have a recommendation for you. 


Do you like love stories? Well, the film I’m going to tell you about is one of the most inspiring love stories I’ve ever seen. And it’s a true story. 

Monica and David felt very much in love and got married. They have a beautiful life together. But they face challenges most married couples don’t. Monica and David were both born with down syndrome. Filmmaker Alexandra Codina, Monica’s cousin, documented their story on film, allowing us to get an inspiring peek into their everyday lives. 

A few months ago, this film won the top prize for documentary films at the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival. I got a chance to meet Alexandra, Monica, and David there and chat about the film. 

As you know, Monica’s my cousin. So the inspiration was probably born a very long time ago. But when their wedding was approaching and I realized that even within the family there was this unspoken feeling of questioning and a lot of people were still seeing Monica and David as two kids instead of two adults making the most serious commitment of their lives. 

So I was really based off of that. I started filming it because I felt that I was seeing something very different from what most everyone else was seeing. 

When America has, I guess, the opportunity to see the film in October on HBO, I hope that they first just see the love story, you know, a human story of two people who want what we all want– love, work, independence, and really the opportunity to be accepted and included in the way that everyone else is. 

The film premieres on HBO on October 14th. Don’t miss it. 

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