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Cake Boss: Take A Tour Of Carlos Bakery

“Cake Boss” star Buddy Valastro shows off his famous bakery and some of its creations, along with the members of the community who inspire him to continue the family tradition of baking.

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[PIANO PLAYING] So this is the heart of Carlo’s Bakery– the ovens– and this is where it all happens. Right now we got some red velvet cupcakes going in there. Another couple rounds they’ll be ready. And we still do things the old-fashioned way. Everything’s by hand. 

Making some crumb cake here, OK. And the trick to making good crumb cake is big, meaty crumbs like this. All right, when you got a big, meaty crumb like that, that’s what people want to eat. 

Pride and joy of Carlo’s Bakery, our lobster tails. A little more, stuff them more. Do you hear the– 


–you hear that crisp? That creamy, delicious goodness in there? Can’t beat it, this is the best. This is a family recipe that we’ve been doing for years. It’s the hardest Italian pastry to make, and it’s my favorite. 

I mean, this is, like, delicious, really. I’m not just saying it. It’s just the creamy– the cream inside is, like, ice creamy and delicious. It’s crisp, it’s the best pastry in the house. Got to try the lobster tails. 

Making some red velvet cakes, we’ve got our classic cream cheese cake. Look at that, isn’t that beautiful? Still do it the old-fashioned way, that’s the trick, that’s the secret to success. Use good ingredients, do it with your heart, don’t change traditions, people will come. They want good things. 

Come on, let me show you the rest of the joint. This is the infamous stairs that cakes have fell down. And, you know, it’s just– I walked these stairs way too many times. Come on down. 

This is our little packing area. So we pack all the product that’s made and, you know, send out. Everything gets packed, repacked here, ready from the store. 

And then, look. You want to know how to tell a good Italian bakery? It’s this. We fill our cannolis fresh here, each one. 

When you order them, we fill them. We don’t premake them. You got that delicious, beautiful, fresh ricotta in there. Getting to do tradition the old-fashioned way. Come on, let me show you my community. Hey, how are you doing? 


How’s everybody doing? Good to see you. How you doing? How are you guys doing? Good to see you. Ah, thank you guys for coming, nice to see you. Thank you so much. 

I saw you in Livingston yesterday. 

Yes, hey, good to see you again. Good to see you. 

Can you sign [INAUDIBLE] for my birthday? 

I will. How are you guys doing? Thank you guys for coming down. 

Well, you know, this is what happens daily at Carlo’s. And my favorite part about it is you look around and you see all these families who came together to see Carlo’s Bakery, see Hoboken. And I think it’s a great thing for our community, you know, if you’re putting Hoboken, New Jersey, on the map in a positive light, bringing families together. My favorite part is to know when the families come here. And then seeing all the kids outside and seeing families together really touches my heart. 


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