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Ruth Graham: How the Book Came to Be

Author Ruth Graham, daughter of evangelist Billy Graham, tells the story behind her latest book, “Fear Not Tomorrow, God Is Already There”.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] The book was written out of my own journey, facing uncertainty in my own life. I wrote it for myself more than I did for anything else. But I, I– mother’s death was part of that uncertainty. 

But I began this book a long time ago when I taught a woman’s Bible study entitled Enjoying God. And I invited the women to– as a homework assignment– to crawl up into God’s lap and call him Daddy. These are about 70 women in this group. And not one of them, including me, could do that assignment. We just didn’t feel comfortable. And there was sort of this idea that, was enjoying God blasphemous in some way? Could we be that relaxed with God? 

So as we studied– and it was out of the book of Isaiah– we came to understand that, yes, we can enjoy God, and yes, we can crawl up into God’s lap and have that intimate relationship and call him Daddy. So that was really the impetus for this book. And then as my life progressed, and the uncertainties that I faced, I really began to delve deeper. 


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