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Karen Kingsbury on Her ‘Red Gloves’ Christmas Book Collection

The best-selling author talks about her three-book set, the Red Glove Collection, available from Guideposts Books.

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Hey, I’m Karen Kingsbury and I have the perfect gift for you this Christmas. My friends at Guideposts are putting together a collection of my Red Gloves books. It’s going to be three of these favorite Christmas stories of mine. And the really great thing is at the back of these books, there are a list of projects that you and your family can do this Christmas to help someone else.

So it’s kind of twofold, it’s a gift, it’s a story that’ll lift you and encourage you and be emotional for you, but also a way for you to give back.

So let me tell you about the three books in this special gift package. Gideon’s Gift, that’s the story of a sick little girl and an angry homeless man and the gift that changes both of their lives forever. This one will kind of help you to understand a little bit about the plight of the homeless community. At the back of the book, there are some projects and ways that you can give back.

Next is Sarah’s Song and it is about a woman who is in her nineties and she is living through her last Christmas. She’s remembering Christmases past and the love of her life and wanting to share the beautiful story with someone else who needs help. So the back of this book, there are ways for you to get involved with helping the elderly. Stopping by and singing carols or bringing Christmas gifts to a retirement home near you.

And then we have Hannah’s Hope and Hannah’s Hope is a story about a girl, Hannah, who is missing her father who’s serving in the military. She has not seen him for many months. Also, Hannah’s dad is having some struggles with his wife, with Hannah’s mom. And so this is a book that’ll help you to really understand the sacrifice that military people make for us, the men and women who serve. And at the back of the book there are some project ideas that will help you to get involved with giving back to the military. They do need our support, especially at Christmastime.

This gift set is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Guideposts has decided to do this just for you. And I’m so excited that you would have a chance to get all three of these Red Gloves books. Now the red gloves that are in each of these stories are a way for you to remember that red is the color of giving. It’s the color of Christmas.

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