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TLC Makeup Artist Carmindy’s Inspiring Life Advice

TLC star and make-up artist Carmindy shares some inspiring advice for young women. 

Guideposts Video: Inspiring True Stories

[MUSIC PLAYING] CARMINDY: In the photo shoot that we did for Guideposts magazine, we had such a great shoot. It was so much fun. And one of the reasons we chose flowers, especially on the cover and on the inside, is because one thing that I try to teach women is that there is not one set standard of beauty. There is not one face that’s perfect and everybody needs to look like it. Just like there’s not one rose that’s the most beautiful flower that everybody– say that’s the only pretty flower there is. 

There’s so many different ways to look at beauty, just like there’s orchids, and there’s daisies, and there’s, you know, tulips. They’re all very, very different and unique. And they’re all very beautiful. Women are the same way. 

We all have something that’s different about us that’s beautiful, whether it’s your eyes, your lips, your cheeks, a mole. You know, something about you, a high eyebrow, a square jawline. There’s something unique, just like flowers, with every woman. And instead of just trying to look like one, we should celebrate all just like we do when we’re looking at nature.

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