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15 Years of Angels: Tanya Richardson

Angels on Earth editor Tanya Richardson shares her favorite story from the past 15 years.


– I wanted to talk about a story called “100 Percent Cowboy” written by Phillip Scott. It’s about a man who is at a crossroads in his life, and he’s trying to figure out where to go with his career. His wife is about to have their first child, and he’s a little bit nervous about how he’s going to make this transition into the next phase of his life. 

The reason I like this story is because it has so many elements of the angel stories that I think readers really respond to. The first one is that the author is at a crossroads in his life, and he’s not sure where to go. And he starts asking God for guidance, and then once he does ask God for that guidance, the path starts to become clearer to him. 

Also the issues that the author is struggling with are very universal. And I think that when he starts to get some insight into those problems, readers who have similar problems who might be looking to do a career change or start a family will get some insight into their own lives. 

The author has a special purpose in life. He feels that he does, that everyone does, and that that purpose involves being aligned with God’s plan. Now he’s not sure what that purpose is. He knows it involves his career, and I think that that’s something that’s close to a lot of our readers’ hearts, finding out what is God’s purpose for their lives. 

My favorite angel stories are the stories where the author is looking for their place in the world, their place in God’s plan, and by the end of this story they’re trying to figure out exactly where they do fit into God’s plan.

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