Chaplain Kenneth L. Sampson on Guideposts’ inspiring new eBook, Staying the Course

Chaplain Kenneth L. Sampson discusses Staying the Course, a Guideposts Outreach booklet intended to inspire individuals to stay focused and maintain strength through life’s hardships.

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On my first deployment to Afghanistan, there was a sense of rush, anticipation. Adrenaline was going. But when I returned nine months later, I knew the tremendous responsibilities that would come with that position. And there was a need for stamina, for one foot in front of the other faithfulness. What I needed was spiritual strength.

That is what this booklet that we have, Staying the Course, addresses. It was written by Chaplain Karen Meeker. Chaplain Meeker, I’ve known her since 1994 when she first graduated from seminary in Boston. She came over to Germany and was a chaplain candidate. After that experience, she went to the 82nd Airborne community in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. There she learned how to jump out of airplanes and became what is affectionately called a “master blaster.”

Because of her experiences with that airborne community and her faithfulness to her ordination vow calling, she has a tremendous credibility with soldiers, with airmen, with senior armed forces leaders. And she’s drawn upon her experiences as the senior chaplain at Landstuhl Army Medical Center in Germany to be able to write this booklet Staying the Course.

These injuries of the spirit are addressed in this booklet, failure, trauma. And these invisible wounds, which inhibit healing, ruin intimacy, stunt vitality, are addressed in this booklet. Our God is an awesome God, a strengthening God. He offers redemption, restored spirits, renewed joy. Click on the link below and receive your free copy of Staying the Course—Spiritual Strength for Warriors.

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