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Keep The Faith with Ty’Ann Brown: Fireworks and Freedom in Christ

Guideposts’ VP of Ministries reminds us that as we celebrate our hard-won freedoms, we should remember the freedom Christ brings.

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Hello, everyone. I’m Ty’Ann Brown, encouraging you to keep the faith.

July 4th–it is the most American of holidays, and a celebration that is a rite of summer to so many from coast to coast. Barbecues, carnivals, family gatherings, and of course, fireworks.

Whether you’re starting them in your own backyard, which is legal in some places, but not everywhere, or whether you’re gathering on a blanket under the stars, fireworks have long fascinated many of us. Why? Well, they’re beautiful, they’re big and they’re bold.

Fireworks not only represent honoring the founding of the United States, but it also represents the biggest promise of our country, the promise of freedom. These are very difficult times that we’re living in right now, from the coronavirus pandemic to protests in the street to huge political divisions. However, yet and still, many cling to the idea that no matter how bad things might be, we are free.

There’s another kind of freedom that means even more than this. That is the freedom that we have in Jesus Christ. In the first book of Peter, the Apostle tells us, “Live as people who are free, not using your freedom to cover up evil, but living as servants of God.”

What does he mean? Basically, that we, as being free people through Jesus Christ, are not subject to any laws of human government. We have a higher authority, first and foremost, to serve God and to be servants of His will.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating for anarchy or saying that we should not obey the laws of government or live peacefully with our fellow man. We should obey the laws of the land. However, our obedience is to God.

So being free in Christ does not mean the freedom to do whatever we want, whenever we want. No, the freedom is to do what we should do, what God calls us to do. It’s the freedom to choose God’s path, day in and day out, for our lives. It’s the freedom to believe in God’s big and bold and glorious promises.

So do me a favor and think of the freedom in Jesus Christ the next time you watch those beautiful fireworks. God bless you. Keep the faith.

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