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Back to School with OurPrayer and Team Jesus Magazine

Guideposts’ OurPrayer partnered with Team Jesus Magazine to create a back to school video. Visit to submit a prayer request for all the children who are headed back to school.

Guideposts Video: Inspiring True Stories

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Ty’Ann, the manager of OurPrayer. 

And I’m Kim Bright, publisher of “Team Jesus Magazine.” 

And we are so delighted to invite you to join our community of prayer. You know, it’s about that time where our youth and young adults are going back to school. 

Crazy. Yes, all ready. 

All ready. 

That time of year. Yeah. 

And we want to cover them in prayer. 

Definitely. You know what? Now’s the best time to cover our kids. It’s always a good time. But now it is especially important because our kids are bombarded with so much information, so much access to things that can disrupt the purpose that God has for them. We want God to preserve the seed that we plant in them so that they can be the best kids that they can be. 

You know, as you say that, I’m reminded of my mom who I used to see praying every morning before she went to work. She would encourage us not to leave the house before praying. And although I may not have understood that as a young child, there were seeds that were sown. So that when I did grow to a state of maturity, I was able to implement that in my own life and develop my relationship with the Lord. 

So don’t stop praying over your children. And don’t stop being the example because they will grow into who God called them to be. 

Exactly. So join with us in this prayer community to cover our children in prayer as they go back to school. All the information is below. We look forward to having you and connecting with you. God bless you. 

God bless.

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