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How This Dog Lover Became a Cat Fancier

After saying goodbye to her beloved pooch, Dr. Carol Bocan prayed about adopting a cat. Her prayers were answered by a very special feline named Luna.

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Luna, Luna, I love you. Yes, oh, yes, oh, yes, I do. Luna, Luna, I love you. Yes, oh, yes, oh, yes, I do. You’re my baby. You’re my doll. You’re my honey. You’re my all. Luna, Luna, love you. Yes, oh, yes, oh, yes, I do. Yes, I do. Yes, I do. 


I’m Dr. Carol Bocan, and I live here in Conneautville, Pennsylvania. And this is where I have my Luna. I had to have my dog put down. And I had cried so much for him that I thought, never again am I ever going to get another animal. 

But then in about a year, I felt like I really needed an animal. Good girl. Oh, mama’s baby. Oh, you’re so good, such a good girl. So I thought, I need another dog. 

My brother happened to come over, and I said, Gene, you know what? I need to get a dog again. And he says, oh, no, no, no, Carol. We don’t want to see you walking outside in the winter and rain and everything taking a dog on a leash. Going to be 75. You don’t need to be doing that. Get yourself a cat. I don’t know whether I’d want a cat or not. 

So he said, well, you think about it because that really would be good for you. It’d be a lot better. You wouldn’t have to take the dog out. I’m thinking to get a cat, I’ve got to do some praying here. Because my whole life, God has been very important to me. And I thought, ah, Saint Francis. You’re the one. You’re the patron of the animals. I’m going to pray to you. It’s just to be an intercession. So I’m saying, gee, Saint Francis. You’re up there. Check with God for me. 

And you know what? If I have to have a cat, I’m looking in my house here. And I need to have an animal. I really do, but that cat has got to have certain things. I’ve been to other homes, and the cat is on things. And I have so many nice things I’ve had over the years, and I have 18 plants in the house. And I don’t want in a cat that’s going to be eating my plants. 

I need a cat, one that is maybe trained from someplace. I don’t know. Also, I need a cat that’s lovable. I haven’t seen a cat myself that’s lovable. When I come in the door, my dog would be right here. I’d like the cat to be able to come. I’d like the cat to be able to sit on my lap, come up and want to stay with me. So I need that kind of a cat, so something like that. So Saint Francis, see what you can do. 

When I first got her, when I first got Luna, I’d my walk in my bedroom. She’s laying on my bed. I mean, it was so funny. That was the first night. I mean, I laid her there and then she [INAUDIBLE]. I said, that’s OK, honey. You can stay with me. She stayed with me all night. 

For two weeks straight, she wouldn’t– she was just right there. She wanted to be sure that I wasn’t leaving. I think that was the thing because she was lonesome too. But she is. She’s right there and purring. And I’ll tell you, I just can’t get over that she is so loving. And I am so blessed to have had Luna and so blessed that Saint Francis found a cat with all the provisions that I was asking for. 


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