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Parking Space, Amen

When they saw the license plate on the car across from them, they knew they’d received divine help.

Hi. I’m Colleen Hughes, editor in chief of Angels on Earth with a true story of an everyday angel from John Sparks, Homewood, Illinois. Angels come to us every day, as a neighbor, an unexpected rescuer, a kind stranger, or a loyal pet. Listen now to a story of just such an everyday angel. 

Recently, John and his son Patrick found themselves short on time and looking for a parking space at the mall. Angels, John prayed, we’re in a bit of a hurry and we’d like very much to find a space near the entrance. I don’t know about all that, Dad, Patrick said uneasily. 

John started to launch into a little sermon about how God always helps those who ask him, when he saw Patrick’s arm shoot out and point toward the front of the mall. Look, a space, he cried. Sure enough, right by the entrance. As John was pulling in, Patrick wondered whether it was all just one big coincidence. Then again, Patrick said, maybe it was the angels. Check that out. The license plate on the car across from them read Amen.

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