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Illuminating Angels: Warrior Angels

Discover how Warrior Angels protect us from the forces of evil.

The Warrior Angel is a familiar subject in art, usually depicted as a powerful winged being with a golden sword, shield, and often wearing armor. That image might seem surprising to those who picture angels as benign heavenly beings who offer comfort and healing. But the Bible does describe warring angels and the battles in which they fight. Battles that reflect nothing less than a spiritual war between good and evil. 

When Satan tried to take control of heaven, the archangel Michael led the armies of heaven against him and won. Some say that even today the devil still trembles at the mere mention of Michael’s name. Not surprisingly, Michael is the patron and protector of those serving in the military and police force. In the Second Book of Kings, there’s another warrior angel depiction. This is the passage in which the prophet Elijah asks God to open his servant’s eyes so he may see the multitude of angels riding horses and chariots of fire, protecting them against an advancing army. 

The struggle for heaven has long been won, but here on earth, man is still tempted by evil in big and small ways. Pictures of angels dressed for battle are a reminder to us that the forces of evil must be fought, and that God and his angels are ready to fight them with us. With them on our side, we cannot help but triumph.

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