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Everyday Angels: A Special Samaritan

Angels on Earth editor-in-chief Colleen Hughes introduces us to Bob, a real-life good samaritan. 

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Hi. I’m Colleen Hughes, editor-in-chief of Angels on Earth. Here’s a true story about an everyday angel from Charlotte Malewski of Houston, Texas. Angels come to us every day– as a neighbor, an unexpected rescuer, a kind stranger, or a loyal pet. Listen now to a story of just such an everyday angel. 

Charlotte worked at her church’s Samaritan ministry. One day, she got a call from a man named Bob Gant. I have some time on my hands, and I’d like to volunteer, he said. Bob was younger than most of the Samaritans, but Charlotte thought he’d be a natural to help with their Aid to the Sick program. 

She told him about a woman named Rosemary. Rosemary was homebound after a series of strokes. Bob drove Rosemary to church. He drove her to the doctor’s. He carried her tray at the cafeteria. When he couldn’t visit, he called. Soon, Bob’s upbeat attitude rubbed off on everyone around him. 

Unfortunately, Bob’s time with the group was too short. Do you know why Bob had extra time on his hands? He left his job because he had terminal cancer. But he had some good days left. He wanted to spend them helping others.

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