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Adorable Animal Pictures From Molokai, Hawaii

Enjoy these pictures of adorable animals of Molokai.

On a recent trip to the Hawaiian island of Molokai, Guideposts made friends with the local animals on the beach, off the highway, in the lush jungle of Halawa Valley and more. Enjoy these pictures of adorable animals of Molokai.


Brooke Obie visited Hawaii courtesy of the Destination Molokai Visitors Bureau​.

pitbull mix on the beach, photo credit Brooke Obie

1 of 10 Beach Pit Mix

This sweet pitbull mix was wandering the beaches of Molokai on the southwest side of the island.

alley cat snuggles, molokai, photo credit: Brooke Obie

2 of 10 Cat Snuggles

This alley cat found a leg to snuggle in Molokai’s farmer’s market in Kaunakakai.

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ae'o bird in the wetlands on Molokai, photo credit: Brooke Obie

3 of 10 Ae'o Bird

The ae’o bird, also known as the Hawaiian stilt bird, is an endangered species that live in the wetlands and marshes of Hawaii. There are about 1500 of the indigenous birds left and they travel from island to island, throughout the state. This bird was photographed off of the island’s southern shore.

crab on the beach at Molokai Hotel, photo credit: Brooke Obie

4 of 10 Molokai Hotel Crab

On this rare early morning on Molokai when the rising sun was obscured by clouds, this crab popped out of the sand on the beach of the Molokai Hotel to enjoy the warm breeze.

horse on Molokai, off Kamehameha Highway, photo credit: Brooke Obie

5 of 10 Black Beauty on Molokai

This farm horse was photographed off of Molokai’s main road, Kamehameha V Highway.

twin cats posing at Halawa Valley, photo credit: Brooke Obie

6 of 10 Twin Cats

These twin felines at the historic cultural site Halawa Valley pose like Disney characters.

Paele the cow, photo credit: Brooke Obie

7 of 10 Paele the Steer

This steer’s name is Paele but the grandchildren of his owner call him Blackie.

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8 of 10 Red-crested Cardinal

This songbird (also known as Paroaria coronata) was hanging out on the telephone wires above the Mana’e Goods and Grindz supermarket and fish fry off of Kamehameha V Highway.

Gold dust day gecko, photo credit: Brooke Obie

9 of 10 Gold Dust Day Gecko

This gecko was spotted in a tree at an orchid farm off of Kamehameha V Highway, run by a woman affectionately known as Aunty Julee.

rooster crossing the road on Molokai, photo credit: Brooke Obie

10 of 10 Rooster Crossing the Road

This free-roaming rooster crossed Like Like road in the suburbs of Molokai.

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