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10 Easter Eggs from Around the World

Have you ever wondered what Easter eggs look like in other countries? We have a glimpse of the many beautiful designs from around the world.


Decorating Easter eggs is a tradition for many families today, but it’s a custom that originated a far back as the 13th century. Many cultures developed their unique decorating styles and Easter customs over the years. Check out some traditional Easter egg artwork from Italy, Russia, Ukraine and more along with some fun facts about each country’s traditions involving eggs. We hope these beautiful designs inspire your Easter egg designs. Enjoy!

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Eight Easter eggs from Italy

1 of 10 Italy

In Italy there are many Easter traditions, often involving familiy get togethers and town festives. On Easter Monday in Tredozio, Italy the Palio dell’Uovo or “Racing of the Egg” is a traditional competition with eggs. Chocolate eggs are a favorite Easter treat and usually everyone gets one for their loved ones. Each beautifully designed chocolate egg contains a small gift.

Intricate designed Easter eggs from Russia

2 of 10 Russia

In Russia, the Easter eggs are hard-boiled and usually dyed red. (Some say the red eggs represent the blood of Christ.) These colorful Easter eggs are distributed with well wishes and children use them to play games. The designs as shown here, can vary from Easter scenes to landscapes to animals.

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A basket full of Easter eggs with dot and line designs from Germany

3 of 10 Germany

Frohe Ostern, or Happy Easter! In Germany, there is a tradition called Der Osterbaum, in which Germans hang decorated Easter eggs on small branches in a vase or on a tree for a splash of springtime color. Some Germans also enjoy an Easter game of Ostereierschieben or rolling eggs down a hill.

Large Easter eggs with a colorful floral design pattern from France

4 of 10 France

Easter morning in France is an exciting time for children. They have a early egg hunt to look for eggs in their gardens and home. Like Germany, France also has a contest of rolling eggs down a slope. The victory egg that perserveres through the roll symbolizes the stone that was rolled away from the tomb of Christ.

A collection of beautifully designed Easter eggs from Ukraine

5 of 10 Ukraine

One of Ukraine’s most famous Easter traditions is pysanka. The intricate designs are created during the last week of Lent and only the smoothest and best-shaped eggs are used in the decorating process. They are decorated to match the reciever’s personality.

Brown dyed Easter eggs with leafy prints from Belgium

6 of 10 Belgium

The eggs shown here are dyed with red onion skins and leaves for the design. An Easter egg hunt is held at almost every neighborhood in Belgium on Easter Sunday and Monday. If you’re considering going to Brussels some large ones to look out for include: the Uccle’s Egg Hunt at Wolvendael Park, the Forest’s Egg Hunt in Stardust Park and the Belvue Museum indoor egg hunt.

A collection of intricately patterned eggs from Athens, Greece

7 of 10 Greece

The traditional Greek greeting among Greek Orthodox Christians during Easter is Christos Anesti! or “Christ has risen!” One traditional Easter egg game in Greek culture called tsougrisma. Enjoyed by people of all ages, participants tap the end of their eggs against the opponent’s to try to crack it.

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Colorfully dyed Easter eggs on a plate with various designs from Lithuania

8 of 10 Lithuania

In Lithuania, the Easter Granny or Velyké distributes Easter eggs to only good children while bad children recieve a single white egg. Helper bunnies decorate the eggs and load them onto Granny’s cart for her to distribute.

A close up of designed Easter eggs

9 of 10 Happy Easter!

We hope some of the artwork gave you some ideas for your own Easter eggs.

Colorful easter eggs from around the world on a pink background

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