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Roam If You Want 2 (Inspiration Mix)

I’m on my way to Oberammergau! It’s all part of our new inspirational travel program with Travel With Spirit. I’m excited to meet the 80 Guideposts readers who are coming along.

My wife, Julee, used to sing in a band called the B-52s and I loved to watch her and Kate Pierson perform the Bees hit “Roam” (you all know that one, don’t you?). That is the song that’s dancing through my head right now as I wait to board my flight to Budapest. I’m on my way to Oberammergau via the aforementioned Hungarian capital, stopping in Prague and Vienna on the Danube before we end up at that little town in the Bavarian Alps with the funny name where I will see the historic Passion Play that has been performed once a decade over the past four centuries. It’s all part of Guideposts’ new inspirational travel with our friends at Travel With Spirit.

It’s a 10-day trip. That’s the only problem. Millie and I have never been apart for that long (Julee & I are old hands at it, given her touring schedule). But MJ is just three and I’ve never been away from her for more than a couple nights. She’s not going to like it. Say a prayer for her please. Here’s her picture when I was leaving. All together now: Awwwwwww…………

Poor Millie. Poor me! What will I do without a dog to talk to?

Plenty, I hope. This tour is packed with inspiring sites and activities even before we get to the village whose name fairly tripples off my silver tongue. And I plan to keep updating through the whole trip.

A true journey is always inward no matter where you roam, and that is where you find the real discoveries. Travel, especially through older cultures, changes us. We see a different world, and when we emerge, we see the world differently. Travel transforms as much as it transports us.

I’m going to torture people with pictures of my keening pet girl. (I promised her I was coming back!). Meanwhile my job is to meet with all of the Guideposts readers who’ve come along, 80 of them. I bet I will find some very inspiring people with very inspiring stories as we travel together on this very inspiring journey to the Passion Play at Oberammergau. I’ll be telling you about them over the next 10 days. Now I have to get on the plane if I want to, roam that is.

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