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Out of the Blue

The Guideposts executive editor shares why praying for others will help you in return.

In the middle of the workday, in between emailing a colleague and reading a manuscript online, I picked up the phone. A faint voice said, “I’m Bernadette…”

“I’m Rick Hamlin,” I said, trying to remember if I was working on a story by a Bernadette. “Can I help you?”

“I need someone to pray for me,” she said. “My friend Mary is very very sick from cancer and is in hospice care. I don’t know what to do…” Her voice broke.

I paused. I knew I could transfer her to somebody in the company who handles prayer requests—that’s what OurPrayer is dedicated to—but somehow this woman had gotten my line and was reaching out. No way could I put her on hold.

“We’d be glad to pray for you,” I said and asked more about her friend. Then I paused, hesitating to do something I didn’t really feel qualified for.This was a perfect stranger, after all, and I’m no expert on prayer. Besides, it was the middle of the workday. But I kept thinking there was a reason she’d gotten my number. “Can I pray with you right now?” I finally asked.

“Yes,” she said. I did my best. I hope I helped her. The point is, she helped me…as all of you who’ve commented on my last blog have (I wish I could write each of you individually, but unfortunately, our functionality doesn’t allow that).

The surgery is on Friday and I’m feeling less anxious than I was several days ago. Chalk it up to answered prayer. Thanks for that. I’ll keep you posted. And prayers for Bernadette and Mary. 

Rick Hamlin is the executive editor at GUIDEPOSTS.

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