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Building a Friendship During Lent Season—and Beyond

How a weekly game of cribbage during Lent, led to a long-standing, lifelong friend.

Two people playing cribbage.
Credit: Susan H. Smith

I’m an insurance agent, and I enjoy getting to know my clients. One of my favorites was Alvina. Every six months she’d come in to pay her bill, and we’d get to chatting. On her way out she’d say, “You ought to stop by sometime for a game of cribbage,” but I never got around to it.

One day my son announced that he had to do a report on what his family members were doing for Lent. My wife had a great idea. “Your dad’s going to play cribbage with Alvina,” she said.

During the next six weeks, I headed over to Alvina’s on Fridays before work for a few hands of cribbage. She always had a pot of coffee ready, and plenty of snacks. We talked about a lot over the cribbage board.

Our Friday games didn’t end with Lent. Alvina and I became great friends and played every week until she passed away, six years later. You might say I gave up some free time for Lent. I think I picked up something far more preciousa fine friendship.

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