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On Your Feet

The Guideposts executive editor shares why we pray on our feet to celebrate.

We were at a rock concert and I was asking myself, “Why are we supposed to stand when we pray?”

First of all, the question. At our church, sometimes we sit when we pray but often we’re expected to stand. That morning, when we did, I wondered if there was a reason for it. Did it help a person get in touch with God?

The question was still in the back of my mind at the rock concert. I have to confess the concert was Carol’s idea. The band is one of her favorites and they were playing at a theater 10 blocks from us. How could we not go?

We were, of course, almost the oldest people there. The kids sitting next to us were college students. In fact, they’d driven all the way from Morgan State in Missouri. (Hi, Zach. Hi, Julie.)

The music was great, the band in top form. The audience was psyched, soon everyone was dancing in the aisles. By the second song, the crowd was on its feet. “Down in front,” I wanted to shout. Then I joined in. Standing up and doing my own 50-something version of a dance.

That’s when it hit me: We pray on our feet because it’s a way of celebration. Everyone stands up at church just the way these kids do at a rock concert because they’re grateful and full of joy. It’s a way of showing our enthusiasm.  

“Great concert!” I told Zach and Janet. “Have a safe trip back.” It was a prayer I said on my feet.

Rick Hamlin is the executive editor at GUIDEPOSTS.

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