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Walking with Jesus: Devotions for Advent & Christmas

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Embrace the spiritual essence of the Advent and Christmas season! This beautifully compiled book of daily devotions is designed to enrich your spiritual journey throughout the holy period leading up to the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Celebrate the True Meaning of Christmas 
Dive into daily reflections, uplifting scripture, and a transformational journey. 
Advent, commencing on Sunday, December 3rd this year, holds a profound significance in our spiritual journey with Christ. Each week leading up to Christmas, we delve into themes that resonate with the very essence of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the values He embodied: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. 
These themes act as spiritual beacons, illuminating the true meaning of the Christmas season and strengthening our connection with Jesus. Through contemplation and reflection, we embrace the profound depth of these concepts, fostering a deeper understanding of Christ and enriching our spiritual walk with Him. 
Key Features

  • Starts with Advent on Sunday, December 3rd, and spans the weeks leading up to Christmas.
  • Each week carries a different Advent theme resonating with the values embodied by Jesus Christ: Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love.
  • Walking with Jesus offers three devotions per day that mirror and examine the week’s theme and carry through God’s lessons in a modern world. You might find it best to read the three devotions at different points of your day: perhaps as you wake, another at midday, and a third before bed. Or you might choose to read them together to immerse yourself in the message and let it permeate your spirit.
  • Each devotion also contains a faith step—a question or suggestion to help you refine your spiritual path and strengthen your Christian walk.
  • Written by beloved Mornings with Jesus writers from diverse walks of life, this Guideposts devotional offers a wealth of perspectives.
  • Dedicated space for your reflections and memories. Jot down notes and insights about the devotions, note your progress with one of the faith steps given, write your favorite scriptures, or doodle a holiday object that makes you smile. You can even use the pages as a time capsule to record what made the 2023 Advent and Christmas season special to you and your family. Imagine the joy you and your loved ones will have looking back at these moments captured in time!
  • The Birth of Jesus told in Luke 2 (in the NIV translation) completes the book. Experience the profound story of Jesus’ birth, providing inspiration and hope. 

Begin Your Spiritual Journey Today 
There’s no better time to deepen your faith and draw closer to Jesus than during the Advent season. Order your copy of Walking with Jesus: Devotions for Advent and Christmas today and experience a transformation in your spiritual journey. 

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