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Extraordinary Women of the Bible Book 5 – Tender Mercies: Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth’s desperate prayers for a baby seemed unanswered. But when an archangel visits, her life takes an astonishing turn. Can she bear a child in her barren years? Witness her miraculous journey as God mends her broken marriage, redeems her name, and prepares for the arrival of the world’s Savior. Experience an exciting historical novel enriched with biblical facts when you order today!


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Tender Mercies: Elizabeth’s Story  is the fifth book in the Extraordinary Women of the Bible historical fiction series.

Elizabeth has always longed for a baby. But after years of trying to conceive with her husband, Zechariah, a priest, she is now long past childbearing age, and her marriage is hanging on by a thread. With all hopes seemingly dashed, Elizabeth prays one last time for a child. Soon, when Gabriel, an archangel of God, visits Zechariah and announces the good news of Elizabeth’s impending pregnancy, the priest is shocked beyond belief and becomes a mute. His wife is similarly incredulous. Can she—after years of disappointment and heartache—really bear a child? Come along on Elizabeth’s miraculous journey and discover how God uses her pregnancy to heal her strained marriage, restore her reputation, and—most of all—make way for the coming of the Savior of the world.

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