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Pray Away the Winter with 5 Winter Prayers

When the cold and dark of winter feels overwhelming, usher in a little summer with these short prayers.
Woman in a coat and hat outside in the snow smiles with eyes closed and says a winter prayer
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Depending on where you live, winter can be a challenging season. It may bring gloomy skies and heavy rains. It may feature freezing temperatures and biting winds. It may include snow and ice. In some climates, winter is nearly synonymous with darkness and depression. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Winter prayers can be a powerful way to sustain our hope and joy throughout the cold season.

William Shakespeare opened his history play Richard III by having the title character say, “Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer by this sun of York.” In other words, now that his brother was king, winter’s discontent had given way to spring’s sunshine. It is a happy beginning to a play that quickly turns tragic.

But Richard’s famous line suggests a great way to pray during the long days of winter, and that is by applying Shakespeare’s poetry to your prayers. Here are 5 winter prayers to help get you through any tough season:

Woman in a blanket drinking tea and saying a winter prayer for illness

Prayer for Winter Illness

If you’ve been plagued by colds, flu, Covid-19, or other maladies, find comfort by praying the following:

Lord, turn the winter of my discomfort into a glorious summer of health and vitality.

Woman with closed eyes with her hands on her heart says a winter prayer

Winter Prayer for Financial Stress

If you’re enduring a season of financial strain, try praying:

God, grant that this winter of deficit and debt may become a glorious summer of recovery and generosity.

Woman looking sad in a sweater by the window says winter prayers

Winter Prayer for Grief

Have the clouds and fog of grief invaded your home and heart in recent months? Then make your prayer something like:

Father, let this winter of loss and pain become glorious summer by the way You heal our hearts and restore our hope.

Man with his eyes closed and arms up outside in winter coat saying a prayer

Prayer for Winter Weather

It’s a simple but delightful way to pray, especially when storm clouds gather and winter winds blow. You can even turn the pattern into a prayer of thanks and praise—depending on where you live, of course.

God, thank you that this winter of slush and snow will soon give way to another glorious spring and summer of sun and surf.

Woman drinking tea outside and saying some winter prayers

Prayer for the Winter Blues

When overcast skies or inclement weather get you down, it helps to honestly express the not-so-pleasant, wintry elements of your experience while envisioning a better, warmer future ahead. Pray this and fill in the blanks with things that currently give you anxiety and things that you are looking forward to this summer:

Now let the winter of ________ be made glorious summer by ________.


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