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Why You Should Pray for ‘God Winks’

When you get a subtle hug from God

Reading a loving letter
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Recently I downloaded an app that allowed me to listen to a devotional radio program I hadn’t heard since I was a teenager. I was thrilled to once again hear the familiar voice and head to sleep with beautiful thoughts and music filling my mind and heart.

The first program I listened to ended with the story of a father and child who had lost their wife and mother, and were grieving together but drawing closer to God in the darkness. It hit home, as my mother died when I was a boy. The story was followed by a musical arrangement of a song titled “Overshadowed.” That song was my mother’s favorite. She was a gifted pianist, and I remember her playing it, though I hadn’t heard it for decades.

What are the chances that I would remember that radio program, search for and find an app for it, download it and listen to the scheduled episode for the particular date that would have such heart-filling content for me? It was as if God tiptoed into my bedroom to plant a goodnight kiss on my forehead.

Maybe you’ve experienced something similar. Whether you have or not, why not ask God for His whispers, winks, and kisses?

God Whispers
You may remember when the prophet Elijah holed up in a cave, anxious and depressed, and God spoke, not in wind or earthquake or fire, but in a whisper (see 1 Kings 19). There are moments in our lives when, whatever may be happening around us, God seems to reach us, quietly but surely, with a sense of His presence. He may not speak audibly, but if we’re listening, we can hear Him. A friend may call, seemingly “out of the blue.” A financial need is met “just in time.” Pray to hear these whispersa small reassurance that God is there, and He is on your side.

God Winks
Some people call them coincidences. Maybe some can be attributed to “confirmation bias,” the sort of thing that happens when you buy a red car and suddenly seem to notice red cars everywhere. But often, in my life at least, things seem to occur or align in such a way that I imagine God winking at me. I see something new in my morning Bible reading, and later in the day a coworker quotes the same obscure verse…and then a letter that was mailed days earlier arrives, saying that a loved one has been praying those very words for me. What does it mean? Maybe nothing. But maybe God’s winking at me, reminding me, showing up in the tiniest details.

God Kisses
Like my bedtime “God kiss,” there are times when God seems to draw so close, with such love and gentleness, that it’s like being wrapped in a mother’s hug or favored with a father’s kiss. Similar to whispers and winks, but more intimate, “God kisses” warm and comfort us in a loving embrace that may last seconds or hours—sometimes even days.

Whether or not you’ve experienced a whisper, wink or kiss from God lately, why not ask Him to favor you with one or more of these special reminders of His love? Ask Him now, and watch and wait to see how He loves you.

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