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Pray a Word-of-the-Day

This kind of prayer can be surprisingly rewarding and helpful.

Pray a word of the day
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A plethora of calendars, websites and subscription services offer a “word of the day” for people who like words, want to expand their vocabulary or just enjoy learning new things in general. 

A recent Merriam-Webster “word of the day” was “chasten” (to correct, discipline; to prune of excess, pretense; to cause to be more humble or restrained). Dictionary.com offered “nebulated” (having dim or indistinct markings, as a bird or other animal). A recent word-of-the-day from The New York Times was “mountebank” (a flamboyant deceiver).

Fun, right? So why not pray a “word of the day?” 

You might use one of those services or websites for suggestions. Or you might focus on one word from your morning Bible reading. Or ask God to suggest your “word of the day” as you’re fixing the kids’ school lunches. 

It can be a rewarding—and enlightening—way to pray. 

Recently, the word-of-the-day suggested by my Bible reading was “change” (a perfect thought for my current family circumstances). So I prayed my word-of-the-day throughout the day. “Change my heart, O God.” “Give me strength and hope through the changes of these coming weeks.” And so on.

A grocery store transaction put some change in my pocket, prompting a prayer for the wise use of our “loose change.” See how flexible a word-of-the-day prayer can be? 

Even Facebook somehow got into the act. I know Facebook’s algorithms will detect websites I visit or purchases I make and then incorporate those into the ads I see, etc. But I couldn’t think of any online hint I gave of my word-of-the-day prayer. But sure enough (and not only on Facebook), “change” became a theme, popping up onto my computer screen throughout the rest of the day. I even noticed the word in a television commercial or two, which sent me back to prayer when I saw and heard it. 

So why not try praying a “word of the day?” However you come up with the word, use it as a prayer prompt and prayer reminder throughout the day. Maybe try a different word every day for a week. You might be amazed at how fun and helpful it can be.

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