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Pray Yourself Out of a Rut

In this excerpt from Pray Big for Your Life, you’ll learn how to jump-start your relationship with God.

Pray Yourself Out of a Rut
Credit: christingasner
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Maybe you can relate to being stuck. I mean stuck spiritually, stuck in your relationship with God. I certainly can relate. I know what it feels like to have the spiritual doldrums.

When I’m stuck spiritually, I have little or no momentum in my walk with Christ. I know he loves me and that I’m going to heaven, but that’s about it. Some people live years suspended in the Christian life. The view is nice enough–they can see God’s kingdom work, they see others moving and growing in their relationships with Christ, and they even have a hope of heaven.

They’re suspended somewhere between spiritual infancy and becoming a true disciple of Jesus. They’re stuck, and their faith is suffering because of it.

So, what’s the cure for this spiritual rut? Prayer. That’s right–good, biblical, bended-knee prayer.

If you want to jolt your life out of its spiritual rut and really begin to see God’s presence and power take hold in your relationships, your job, your ministry, and your own attitudes and actions, then start praying for yourself.

Even if you’re not good at prayer, even if you feel like you tried prayer and failed miserably, even if you don’t know where or how to start, don’t fret. Prayer is still your answer.

You really can learn how to change your life through personal prayer.  This is a critical point, so let me say it very clearly: the person in your life with the greatest capacity to help or hinder God’s work in you is you.

You need to be praying for yourself–your heart, your attitudes, your habits, your relationships, your resources, your temptations, and your ministry–because no other person can or will impact God’s kingdom processes in your life as much as you will. For that reason alone, you need to pray every day for yourself.

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