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12 Prayers for Summer

Guideposts Contributing Editor Rick Hamlin is sharing 12 summer prayers he’s praying. 

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The cooling breeze from an open window, a walk along the beach or the darkening clouds of an approaching thunderstorm, all beautiful opportunities for us to be grateful to Him this season. Guideposts Contributing Editor Hamlin is sharing 12 summer prayers he’s praying. What are you praying for this summer?

ferris wheel in Taiwan lit up at night

1 of 12 Take Me Higher

Let me ride the Ferris wheel at the fair and linger at the top so I can reach for the stars.

magic dust held in two hands

2 of 12 Reveal Your Magic

May we stare into a campfire and watch the sparks ascend in the night air, rising to meet You.

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a man stretches his arms wide to feel the breeze

3 of 12 Speak to Me

I listen for Your song in the wind humming through the trees and sing along with the clapping branches. 

man and woman walk along the beach holding hands

4 of 12 Share Your Thoughts to Me

I walk along a beach and see eternity in the endless grains of sand, Your thoughts more numerous than them. 

man and woman fishing for 12 prayers for summer

5 of 12 Fill Us Up

May the fishermen and women among us snag happiness on their lines, filling their nets with You. 

open windows

6 of 12 Send Your Cooling Breeze

Thank You, Lord, for the cooling breeze that comes through the open window at night (and the air conditioner that works by day).

kids at a lemonade stand in the summer

7 of 12 Fill My Cup

Bless the lemonade stand on the corner and the kids who fill my cup.

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dog in a pool with a doggie life vest

8 of 12 Remember the Dogs

Bless the dogs at the water’s edge, darting in and out of the deep, splashing us with a shake of their coats.


9 of 12 Walk with Me

I hear Your voice in the thunderstorm that rolls across the land and smell Your footstep in the damp.

Moon over the water

10 of 12 Let Me Praise You

Praise for the moon that shimmers on the water, a ladder like Jacob’s ladder with a thousand angels ascending and descending.


11 of 12 Let Me Sit in Awe of You

Praise for the sun that sinks from the sky, making the blue blush pink and gold and our jaws drop in awe.

a woman lies in the grass witnessing God's glory in creation

12 of 12 Show Me Your Glory

May I never stop seeing You the Creator in Your creation’s exuberant summer celebration of bounty and goodness and joy.

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