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Growing Hungry for God: Fasting as a Devotional Tool

Blogger and Daily Guideposts contributor Julia Attaway on how fasting can deepen your prayer life.

A woman greets the sunrise with a prayer

I’m fasting today. It’s putting a new perspective on the phrase “to hunger for God.” Whenever my stomach growls, I wrench my thoughts away from the pantry and direct them toward prayer.

Matt Erbaugh recently posted a thoughtful piece called You Don’t Eat Enough!, which compares our need for prayer to our need to eat. Matt points out that we’re hard put to get through the day on breakfast alone. He notes that spiritual sustenance also has to be a regular feature of the day, so our relationship with God doesn’t grow weak and malnourished.

Ironically, it’s the discipline of a physical fast that makes it clear to me how undisciplined I can be with my devotions. The munchies put a magnifying glass over my earthly appetites—and help me realize how much more I could attend to my hunger for heaven. My ever-alert belly acts as a reminder to nudge my heart in a different direction.

Campus Crusade for Christ has a free online guide to fasting, which details the spiritual benefits and practical considerations of this way to hone your “hunger and thirst for righteousness” (Matthew 5:6). Be sure to read the section about health conditions which may make fasting inadvisable.

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