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Sorry, Folks…

The Guideposts editor-in-chief offers a prayer of thanks during a busy holiday season.

Due to circumstances (largely) beyond my control, I will be unable to write a blog this week. I just don’t have the time. Too many deadlines, too much going on, too many obligations. It’s simply overwhelming. 

As I sit here in my favorite coffee bar, Uncommon Grounds in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, I don’t know how I will get everything done. 

A few weeks back I told you about the deadline I faced for my next year’s devotionals for our popular book, Daily Guideposts. Thankfully I’m making progress (don’t worry, Andrew!) but I still have a ways to go. As I’ve also mentioned I’m working on a book about personal change which is due by the end of the year for a mid-2010 release. That has to get done. Oy….

Plus Julee and I still don’t know what we are doing for Thanksgiving. Our plans are totally up in the air. And Julee has to file her quarterly tax returns. Her accountant wants to go on vacation and is pressuring us to furnish receipts and documentation posthaste. I’m sure you all hate dealing with taxes as much as we do.

Then there’s Millie. She really needs a bath, which is no small ordeal given her resistance to getting into the tub. I will spend a good deal of time wrestling with her and probably falling into the tub myself while she makes a soapy escape. But her coat is dirty and, frankly, she’s getting a little…fragrant. I can’t put it off any longer.

Of course Michigan is playing Ohio State. I don’t even want to think about it but I will have to watch. 

I also have to finish another blog, this one for the’s On Faith page

So you see there is no way I’m going to write my GUIDEPOSTS blog this week. It strikes me that this is the time of year when everyone feels overburdened and stressed out. But hey, maybe I should be feeling more thankful than stressed that my days are so full, that life is keeping me busy. Honestly, would I really want it any other way? Shouldn’t I be saying prayers of thanks?   

Well, while I have your attention I might as well remind you of a few things. Don’t forget to order a copy of our special, full-size, keepsake collector’s edition of GUIDEPOSTS’ The Joys of Christmas 2009. It’s full of wonderful stories both new and classic, terrific art and lovely photography. You will cherish this product.

Monday is our Thanksgiving Day of Prayer. Go to to pray and be prayed for, joining thousands of people around the world raising a voice of thanks. 

And it’s not too late to order our annual devotional book Daily Guideposts 2010. Join an incredible community of writers sharing the most intimate, spiritual moments of their lives. 

And if you want to check out my Washington Post blog, it will be live Monday morning

Again, I apologize for not writing a blog. But I will write one next week, I promise.

Have an incredibly peaceful, grateful and happy Thanksgiving. I plan to.       

Edward Grinnan is Editor-in-Chief and Vice President of GUIDEPOSTS Publications.

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