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Lent Activities for Kids and Families

Fun and meaningful ways to celebrate the Lenten season together.

A family prayers together for their lent family activities

If you’re looking for fun and meaningful Lent activities for your kids and family, look no further! From acts of kindness to delicious meal ideas, we’ve got you covered. Use each of these tips to dig into the meaning of Lent. So gather up your family and get ready to celebrate this special season of faith together.

Father and son giving a high five after deciding what to give up for their family lent activities

1. Encourage your kids to give up something they’ll miss for Lent

This Lent, challenge your kids to give up something they’ll miss. This is an opportunity for them to learn more about themselves and God. It’s a good idea for the parents to give up something, too. Leading by example always goes a long way! Make it fun by keeping track of all their milestones together, like when they skip that first episode of a favorite television program without giving in! With faith in their hearts and determination in their minds, your kids can rise to the challenge. Here are a few ideas to get your Lent family activities started:

  • Stop watching a favorite TV show for all 40 days of Lent
  • Give up a type of food, like a sugary cereal or an unhealthy snack
  • Give up skipping their household chores or cleaning their rooms
  • Let go of toys they no longer play with and donate them
Family attending church together as their lent family activity

2. Go to church together on Sundays

Sundays are a great time to focus even more deeply on God, because Lent fasting doesn’t count on Sundays.

Going to church every Sunday is a beautiful Lent activity to bring the family together. It can be something that your kids can look forward to each week. As parents, it’s important to model how to live a life guided by love and faith. Attending church together is also a great opportunity to build community with other parishioners, which can truly help shape a strong family foundation for your children. Make this a weekly tradition and share special memories as you go along!

Or, find ways to celebrate Lent without church this year. What can your family do in your own home to feel the Lenten season in a deeper way?

Happy family having dinner together for their family lent activity

3. Have a special family dinner on Fridays during Lent

Every Friday during Lent, why not create a special family dinner? It is an excellent way to keep the Lenten season meaningful and reflective and offers excellent opportunities for parents to spend quality time with their children. Try incorporating a healthy atmosphere around the dinner by discussing what you feel grateful for and setting positive habits or intentions for the coming weeks. Maybe some of you have decided to take something up this Lent. Share it with everyone! Make supper time even more fun by including traditional Lenten food on the menu, such as fish tacos, lentil soup, and vegetable dishes! Add these family dinners to your daily planner so you never forget them and can make sure the whole family attends. Creating these meaningful and relaxing dinners with your family, each Friday can help bring closer together in faith and enjoyment.

Mother and daughter collecting litter at the park for their family lent activity

4. Do an act of kindness as a family each day of Lent

When planning your Lent family activities, why not add in the tradition of acts of kindness? It’s a great way to express your faith and love for one another! You can start by doing something nice for your family—write a special note of appreciation or do an extra chore around your home. Next, reach out to someone in need with a kind gesture: volunteer at a shelter, bring food to someone you know who is having a difficult time or pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line. Doing these small but meaningful kind deeds will make you feel more connected to those around you. Discover how just a few minutes of your day can make such a big impact!

Family reading a book together for their family lent activity

5. Give up screen time for Lent

This Lent season, why not have a little fun by refusing to give in to an addiction to screens? It is so easy get sucked into your phone or tablet, to become so dependent on them that you hardly realize what an unnecessary crutch they’ve become. A great way of remembering your faith and the purpose of Lent is to strive for moderation. Taking away screens can help you refocus on healthier activities and strengthen relationships with others—no matter how difficult it may seem. Also, doing evening activities without screens is a good way to wind down before bed and get better sleep. A challenge like this can help you practice self-control and attain a better understanding of mindful use of technology. It’s worth a try!

Family praying together before a meal for their lent family activity

6. Pray together as a family every night of Lent

Include prayer in your Lent family activities. Praying as a family every night is essential to faith-based living and helps bring everyone together. In addition to being a meaningful spiritual practice, it’s also an opportunity for your family to connect, build relationships, and solve conflicts. Start each night by gathering around the dinner table and listening to each person share what they are thankful for that day. Together, give thanks for your blessings and talk about any struggles or needs that ought to be prayed for in the coming day. Praying together can remind your family that you are all part of something bigger than yourselves and offer you hope that good things will come. Use Lent prayers to guide the evening.

Though it may be difficult, giving up something for Lent as a family can help everyone to remember what the season is all about. Going to church together, having special dinners, and being kind to others are all great ways to make the most of Lent. Giving up screen time can be challenging, but it’s definitely doable with some effort and creativity. Prayer is also a key part of observing Lent as a family. What tips do you have for making the most of this special season?


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