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How to See the Best in Yourself

Remember that God always sees your potential.


When I was a young boy, I remember reading a quote so powerful that it has stuck with me to this day: “Stand tall or not at all.” In school, a child faces pressure from other kids to act and dress a certain way. I know I did. Sadly, peer pressure doesn’t end once you graduate. Throughout life, people will try to make you feel as if you’re not good enough. But this quote urges us to be confident and to trust in who we are.

We may compare ourselves to others and wish we were different in certain ways. We may wish to be taller, skinnier, bigger, richer or funnier. But we must learn to accept, embrace and love who we are, or we will never truly be happy with ourselves. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t set goals to better ourselves and our lives. But respecting one’s core self is key. We must be proud of our achievements and be proud of who we are. This may be challenging when other people try to derail us, but it is up to us not to let them. 

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.” You have the power to release yourself from those who don’t appreciate and accept you for the person God made you to be. Allowing others to devalue your gifts, talents and personality is your choice. But how you see yourself will determine what kind of life you live as well as the depth of your self-confidence and ability to love. No one’s negative opinion should affect how you feel about yourself. Only you and God truly know who you are.  

In reading the Bible, we are reminded that God sees things in us that others cannot see. God looks beyond the surface, mistakes and flaws to see our potential. He sees what we can become through His love and grace. We can be confident in who we are because of God’s everlasting love. God lifts us up. So “stand tall” and feel confident!

Lord, help me to see myself through Your loving eyes.

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